Discover the rich history and culture of Montréal with 
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Old Montréal. So many activities await you!
Montréal... European Charm, North American Effervescence

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"A veritable hotbed of creativity and culture, Montréal offers a delectable cocktail of European Chic, daring innovation and urban sparkle. This natural duality fuels the city's distinctive character: its Franco-British heritage, its old and modern architecture, and its mix of traditional and ultramodern styles. Montréal is where high-tech goes hand in hand with haute cuisine, where skyscrapers rub shoulders with stylish little boutiques and where international festivals run alongside a multitude of emerging independent events. But above all, it is the 3.7 million Montrealers - representing no less than 80 different ethnic groups-, their inherent joie-de-vivre, legendary hospitality and attachment to their city that really gives Montréal its full flavor." Tourisme Montréal

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July 29 - July 31 2016
Inaugurated in 2006, OSHEAGA Music and Arts Festival stands as the largest festival of its kind in Canada. An exciting party dedicated to showcasing music and visual arts, OSHEAGA offers a world-class European-style event across its many outside venues. The outdoor events of the festival are staged in the breath-taking environs of Montreal’s Parc Jean-Drapeau on Île Sainte-Hélène, an island of tranquility and oasis of greenery set in the middle of one of North America’s most stimulating cities. Bringing together tens of thousands of music lovers from North America and Europe alike, the festival aims to showcase emerging local and national artists, as they share the stage with some of the industry’s biggest names. Thus, over several days, more than 90 bands will take the stage across the city, fostering an unparalleled festive ambiance that Montreal alone can create under the summer sun. 

St-Joseph Oratory of Mount-Royal

Visit one of the religious architectural jewels of Montréal: St-Joseph Oratory of Mount-Royal. Built high up on the Northwest side of the Mount Royal, the Oratory towers the city. This sacred place is located within a few minutes walk for our complex.

Festival International de Tango de Montréal

FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DE TANGO DE MONTRÉAL August 11 to 16th Each year, The Festival International de Tango de Montréal (FITM), created in 2003, presents music of the highest quality performed by musicians from Argentina as well as from Quebec. Many free concerts are offered outdoors and are open to the public at large. The orchestras also present concerts during milongas (dance evening with live music) and in renowned theatres like Theatre Rialto and Theatre St-James. Apart from the concerts section, the festival also offers an intensive dance training program with worshops for beginners and dancers of all levers with guest masters. This year is even more particular as the festival welcomes Tango champions, winners of the Tango World Cup, and have a new partnership with the Desjardins Complex offering free activities.

mount Royal

The mount Royal has a wealth of treasures ripe for exploration. Discover the principal services and attractions that will enable you to fully enjoy your next visit to the mountain and discover its incredible view of downtown Montréal. Mount Royal Park welcomes you twelve months a year, seven days a week.

Plateau Mont-Royal

The Plateau Mont-Royal is the meeting place of Montrealers. This is the place to discover edgy fashion, the finest gastronomy and the latest musical trends. On the Plateau, life is eclectic and even a little casual. The many bike paths are the urban cycling paradise; these will lead you directly to the Maison des cyclistes, the nerve centre of Montréal’s cycling culture with many services.

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Québec has what it takes to satisfy those who enjoy outdoor action, sports and recreation, whether they wish to head out on the open road, visit the nicest cultural and natural sites or simply celebrate!
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Montréal International Jazz Festival

June 30 - July 9 2016
Attracting more and more visitors each year thanks to its worldwide reputation, the Montreal International Jazz Festival has become, in the space of twenty five years, THE jazz rendezvous of the planet. Today, visitors can choose from among over 500 concerts - some 350 of which are presented outdoors, free of charge - that showcase the talents of the world's finest performers of jazz music and its spinoffs. Some 2 000 artists and over 1.5 million festival-goers converge upon Montréal each summer.

Les Francofolies de Montréal

June 9 - June 18 2016
The world's second largest French-speaking city hosts the largest musical event in the French-speaking world: The FrancoFolies de Montréal! This popular event, reputed for its cultural diversity and enlivened by music and street art, attracts over half a million spectators and some 1 000 artists, musicians, singing stars and budding talents from approximately twenty countries. This one-of-a-kind event, which takes place in the heart of downtown Montréal, offers 50 indoor performances and some 150 outdoor shows--the latter free of charge.

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